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With this collection, were bringing you quilt block patterns, full quilt patterns, disappearing nine patch quilts, and, for a little creative stretch, some variations on the nine patch design that will bring your quilting to the next level. This simple pattern is a firsttime quilters dream, and there are many guides and videos to get a beginner started in the right direction. If youve been searching for a way to mix up your usual quilting routine, then youll love these stunning disappearing nine patch patterns. A super scrappy workshop by bonnie hunter bust that stash of 2 12 squares. A nine patch quilt block is exactly what they name implies that they areone block made out of 9 smaller blocks. The nine patch square variation quilt block is built on the nine patch square a logical assumption.

Disappearing nine patch quilt block tutorial youtube. How to strip piece ninepatch 9 patch quilt blocks new. Nancy shows you how to changeup the strip sizes, fabrics, or block layout to expand your quilting options. From keeping your lines straight, to nesting seams, this foundation block is. Both can be simple or challenging, depending on the number of pieces in each quilt patch. The simplicity of this pattern design made it ideal for teaching young girls how to sew. Sewing loft 9 patch quilt flower 9 patch quilt spruce 9 block disappearing block i spy disappearing 9 block quilt pattern layer cake disappearing 9 block pinwheel disappearing 9 blocks with layer cake. This block is sliced twice but have a look at the twist.

Disappearing 9patch variation this is another way to. Its known in the quilting world as a 10 x10 square set of fabrics. It has officially been around since the 1800s and it is one of the most recognized quilt blocks in the quilting world. Album leaf has a light signature panel that was used to make friendship quilts for friends and familyeveryone who made a quilt block signed with a name, message, or both. How to change the size of a quilt block the spruce.

I just finished a baby boy quilt with the disappearing 9 patch all flannel different patterns it turned out awesome. Nine patch quilt block tutorial simple simon and company. As the name implies, the parts of the block seem to disappear through a fantastic puzzlelike effect. And if you make a quilt with one of these disappearing blocks, you can get some lovely secondary patterns emerging too, like my disappearing 9 patch quillow pattern available here. But the ninepatch lends itself easily to endless variation because each of the nine squares may also be. Nineinch quilt blocks are nearly always ninepatch designs. Changeup patchwork is the name of this sewing with nancy threepart tv series.

Variation on a disappearing 9patch block and quilt. Once you decide whether you want to make a positive or negative block, you can sew the final subunit onto the block. To start, you are going to make nine 9 patch blocks. Yet, theres more to a 9patch block than meets the eye. Classic nine patch quilt block patterns the spruce crafts. That means the layout begins with a grid of nine squaresthree across and three down. According to the block size measurement chart above. The patches can be solid squares or squares with multiple patches, as is the case for some 9 patch block variations. Album leaf is a ninepatch quilt block pattern that finishes at 9inch square. The ninepatch quilt block is one of the best blocks to start with if youre a beginning quilter. I made a quilt with this variation of disappearing 9 patch block some time ago.

This lovely example pairs a scrappy assortment of basic ninepatch quilt blocks with large squares of fabric cut to the unfinished size of the. Learn how to make the essential ninepatch quilt block with easy strip piecing. Learn how to make a perfect nine patch quilt block the seasoned. What is the pattern of the sail boat quilt behind you and where do i get it. When creating straight line patterns, no need to backtrack, create a continuous second line close the first. Disappearing 9 patch variation tutorial a different disappearing 9 patch that looks like a 4 patch with sashing. The main variation to this classic quilt block, and its a good one, is the disappearing nine patch.

Laura shows how to take two nine patch block and make a really awesome disappearing nine patch. How to make a double disappearing nine patch quilt block with a twi. Find nine patch quilt blocks, free quilting patterns, and more in this collection of nine patch mustsees. Start with one 9 patch block or 2 and turn it into a very special disappearing 9 patch. The block finishes at 9inch square and offers loads of opportunity for color layout. Nine patch square variation free quilt block pattern. From traditional nine patch units, to glorified nine patch, uneven nine patch, and double nine patch blocks, this simply block produces beautiful results. When it comes to free quilt block patterns, learning how to make a nine patch quilt block pattern is the type of project every quilter should learn how to master. Scrappy quilt patterns, jellyroll quilts, scrappy quilts, easy quilts, quilting ideas, patchwork quilting, 9 patch quilt, strip quilts, quilt blocks frances mcmeeken 9 patch quilt block variations welcome to day 14 of our glorious autumn block party. This pattern uses sashing to create lots of motion in the design.

Measure the quilt through the center from top to bottom. From applique quilting patterns to jelly rolls, shop hundreds of patterns only at keepsake quilting. Nine patch and snowball page 2 lay the blocks out, alternating the nine patch with the snowball blocks. Changeup patchwork is the name of my newest sewing with nancy 3part tv series. The international quilt museum is located on the university of nebraska lincolns east campus, and houses the largest publicly held quilt collection in the world. Part of the beauty of the quilt block is the placement of the pieces once you give them a cut. I think this was the first time i introduced fabric manipulation on my quilts. Many creative quilt projects start with 9 patch blocks.

Nine patch quilt block layout before sewing the block together, it helps to understand the underlying structure of the quilt block. Nine patch quilt store nevada mo find this pin and more on nine patch quilts disappearing 9 patch quilt pictures double nine patch quilt block pattern quilt patterns for every style, need, and taste. Ninepatch quilt blocks represent the simple beginnings of patchwork, yet offer infinite design possibilities. The difference between the two blocks is that the centre in the variation version has a four patch unit rather than a single square.

Magical 9patch quilt blocks nancy zieman productions. Learn how to make a perfect nine patch quilt block the. Disappearing nine patch quilts are perfect for using up your charm packs and are fantastic scrapbusting quilts. How to do a nine patch quilting block with jenny from missouri star quilt co.

The basic 9patch quilt block can easily be made with two fabrics and two different fabric stratassew strips together, subcut into sections, then. Jenny shows how to make the fabulous disappearing nine patch quilt block using charm squares. Changeup patchwork is the name of todays sewing with nancy threepart tv series. Nine patch quilting block beginner block quilting series. Get your charm packs and fat quarters ready, and lets learn how to make a quilt. Choose a dark or hotwarm fabric for the center to make those small squares pop out when the daughters are arranged into a quilt. How to make the double disappearing nine patch youtube. When you combine nine patch quilt block variations into one quilt, the results are alwa nine patch patterns come in. Five patch and seven patch block grids can be subdivided into multiple patch units, but that is not quite as common, other than the use of halfsquare. Nine patch quilt patterns can be made into tiny mini quilts or a gorgeous kingsize bedspread. To see the best selection of precut fabrics on the. Some quilt patterns call for positive ninepatch blocks, some call for negative blocks, and some call for both. Nancy shows how to changeup the strip sizes, fabrics, or block layout to expand your quilting options. Disappearing nine patch quilts are designed by arranging and sewing together nine squares to create a traditional nine patch quilt block.

The 9 squares that make up this block are each made up of smaller ninepatch blocks. But instead of having to cut out 9 blocks for each block there is a faster way to put these together and i call it my cheater way. The disappearing nine patch is a simple variation on the traditional nine patch block. But instead of leaving the block asis it is sliced into four equal sections to create the disappearing design learn more about the blocks history and find additional assembly and design details in a disappearing nine patch quilt block pattern. Double disappearing nine patch quilt block variation sewn up. The 9 patch is a very basic block that is perfect for beginners and is considered to be a building block for skills. This quilt is the perfect example of a scrapbusting ninepatch quilt. For anyone who thinks they may like this block do look online at examples in patterns, blogs, etc. Disappearing 9 patch blocks 4 variations video tutorials this image courtesy of mypatchwork. Watch the process online at your convenience and find all the instructions in my book, changeup patchwork. Nine patch quilt block pattern tutorial easy for beginngers. In any case, both quilt blocks are effective as evidenced by the illustrated quilts on the next page. Double ninepatch quilt block a quilt top made of ninepatch blocks, whether basic or complex, may vary from the very simple to extremely complex, both in the geometry as well as the colorplay.

This simple patchwork block can be transformed into a disappearing 9 patch and. Three rows of three squares create quilt design that is versatile, traditional and trendy all at the same time. Nine patch quilt blocks are numerous and likewise, the sister block type the uneven nine patch. Start with nine 5 squares and then follow the tutorial. Disappearing 9 patch, 16 patch and twistturn variations. Learn to make 4 different types of disappearing 9patch blocks. The center square of a parent nine patch block will turn into a small corner square in each daughter when the parent block is sliced into four sections. The springtime disappearing nine patch baby quilt makes a gorgeous baby quilt pattern that you can gift for baby showers, holidays and little birthdays. Some blocks need two 9patch blocks so that pieces can be swapped around. The ninepatch quilt block is one of the best blocks if youre a beginning quilter. Like the name implies, it features nine patchwork squares arranged in a threebythree grid, just let a chess board or tictactoe square. This block is a variation of the disappearing 9 patch where two patches are replaced by 2 pinwheels. No pattern but great quilt design great effect by changing love this simple but complex looking quilt.

Its similar to maple leaf and tea leaves quilt blocks, but with a difference. For many years, nine patches were one of the first blocks taught to young girls learning how to quilt. I hope you have been inspired and have fun making some impressive yet easy quilt blocks. So, if youre ready to get going and do something with your nine patch blocks, ill show you how. Disapearing 9 patch quilt block tutorial patchwork posse. When you combine nine patch quilt block variations into one quilt, the results are alwa nine patch patterns come in all shapes and sizes.

Four patch and nine patch quilt blocks are routinely subdivided to create more intricate patterns, but once you become a block watcher it will be easy to identify their underlying structure. Nine patch blocks are comprised of nine units, laid out in three rows of three patches. The basic 9 patch quilt block can easily be made with two fabrics and two different fabric stratassew strips together, subcut into sections, then sew into a block. The hen and her chicks is an easy ninepatch quilt blocks made from all straight grain patchwork thats quick pieced for speed and accuracy. Nine patches are a traditional quilt block made with nine simple squares. How to strip piece ninepatch 9 patch quilt blocks new quilters. Classic nine patch quilt block patterns the spruce. Disappearing 9 patch variations tutorial 9 patch quilt, nine patch. Ill show you how to changeup the strip sizes, fabrics, or block layout to expand your quilting options. Many creative quilt or craft projects start with 9 patch blocks.

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