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The big question when it comes to colt ars in my opinion isare the. In 1982, the us government requested colt make a carbine version of the m16a2. Colt s le6920 rifle with magpul accessories now comes with troy industries rail system. My fist ar15, a colt le6920 setup with a colt carry handle. An overview of some of the accessories ive put on my colt ar15. Colt is one of the companies that follows this standard. This one i bought today had been in their inventory since 20. Nib colt le6920 ar15 wth rogers collapsible stock law enforcement carbine 6920 colt le6920 ar15 16 law enforcement carbine factory new in box. The spec sheet doesnt list the barrels as being heavy or socom profile.

Featured m4 carbine series colts manufacturing llc. This model features an 11 troy alpha freefloat rail, troy flipup front and rear sights, and two 30 round aluminum magazines. As a guy who has used both bushmaster and colt as a duty weapon, get the colt. We also offer the ar6720, le6940, le6933, le6920, le6945, le6944, le6943, le901 and many more. Colt s maunfacturing company has teamed up with crimson trace for the first ever laser grips with the colt logo.

As far as stuff like a ff handguard, piston system, ect, ect. Brownells is your source for colt m4 parts at brownells parts and accessories. The main differences between a trooper and the epr is first, the epr lower has bambi selector switch, like the colt 6960 ccu. Colt le the semiauto version of the colt assault rifle. Most had an a2 style carrying handle and all the basics, just like yours. The nice thing was that you could actually get the guns, and tens of thousands of you did. The 6920mpr is based on colts popular 6920 law enforcement carbine, proven to be effectively mobile during tactical. Colt releases very few limited editions and this is one of them.

Who in their right mind would put shoulder straps on the bottom of a case. Colts le6920 rifle with magpul accessories now comes with. Which means a colt rifle is less likely to have out of the box issues. Colts le6920 series shares many features of its combatproven brother, the colt m4. The m4 carbine is a shorter and lighter variant of the m16a2 assault rifle. Modeled after the colt m4 carbine supplied to the u. Serial number begins with le and stamped colt defense. Find colt m4 carbines for sale at, the worlds largest gun. The le6920 features a carbinelength gas systemforend, and the 16inch chromelined barrel employs a 1in7inch, righthand twist. Even if you already have an ar15style rifle, theres something about owning an actual colt m4 carbine. Colt le6920 law enforcement m4 carbine arms unlimited. Daily deal product offerings include psas american made firearms, ar15 parts and accessories, 9mm pistols, bulk ammo, magazines, optics, and so much more. On the range, no surprises were encountered with the oem1.

This is colt s basic carbine, with all military features, except for fullauto. Its got a 4position buttstock, that when fully retracted makes the law enforcement carbine less than 30 in length and weighs only 5. It takes much more for the gun to be converted to full auto. Its close enough to a circa 19992003 service colt m4.

Colt s le6920 available with magpul accessories and troy rail system. Like all the variants of the m16, the m4 and the m4a1 can be fitted with many accessories, such as night vision devices, flash suppressors, laser. Jun 28, 2017 product description colt s le6920mps shares many features of its combatproven brother, the colt m4. He does not have the box or manuals, and only one magazine. These will fit all pistols with government and commander sized frames. Ships with magpul mbus no carry handle and a 30round magpul pmag. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. Our colt articles on both the 69206940 patrol rifles, and the. With a 1 in 7 twist, ammunition selection is virtually unlimited. Similar to the battle tested m4 the le6920 features adjustable front and rear sights.

Utg pro 15, magpul, primary arms micro, tango down, mako. I bought a magpul edition colt m4 branded 6920 a few years ago, and it has been great. Colt s le6920 series shares many features of its combatproven brother, the colt m4. The le6920mp is a colt 6920 with a moe vertical grip mvg, moe hand guard, magpul mbus rear sight, moek hand grip, moe trigger guard, moe stock and two 30round magpul pmags. This specially designed law enforcementmilitary weapon system. Le6920 impact guns custom wmatrix carbon magpul furniture chromed bore, 6 grooves, 1. The colt sp6920 is colt s primary m4 carbine clone sold to civilians and law enforcement in the united states.

Other great companies are daniel defense, bcm, lmt, kac, and noveske. Colt s le6920mps shares many features of its combatproven brother, the colt m4. Colt law enforcement 6920 m4 carbine new in box with accessories description. Sep 19, 20 colt le6920 m4 ar15 just in nib colt le6920 m4 5. These grips are rubber overmolded wraparound with front activation, based on crimson trace model lg401, with the colt logo embossed on both sides. Product description colt s le6920mps shares many features of its combatproven brother, the colt m4.

I bought 2 6920 s in the past 3 months both have the m16 bolt carrier, they are legal and are all that colt will ship. Government, the le6920 has a rogers super collapsible st. Le6920 throughout the world today, colt s reliability, performance, and accuracy provide our armed forces the confidence required to accomplish any mission. Laser scope, soft case, tripod, carry strap, and one 30rd colt magazine this specially designed law enforcement weapon system features many of the combat proven advantages of the military colt m4.

Fits a colt mt6400r with no problems and a few extra inches on both sides. M16 rifleassault rifleairsoft gunsshotgunsm4 carbinegun vaultriflesrevolver pistolbattle rifle. Le6920mpfde lives up to the standards colt is known for. As of 2011 they brought back their sportsman line to colt mfg which is where you get the sp before the 6920 and 6940. Colt defense does militarylaw enforcement for a while colt mfg only did the match target rifles during the clinton ban days. Watch this before you buy a colt le6920 m4 carbine duration. It features a new centurion arms mlok capable freefloated forend developed just for the trooper, and offers a great starting point for your next advanced carbine. Colt 6920 palmetto state armory palmetto state armorys daily deals aim to provide our customers with new products and best sellers at amazing prices. Colt defense is the latest ar15 maker to offer a rifle shipped from the factory with magpul moe accessories. Reloading supplies, gunsmithing tools, gun parts and accessories. Fit colt le 6920 waimpoint patrol optic pro installed.

The side pouch has enough room to hold basic cleaning and maintenance products as well as lock and such. My point is that if this is what the op is looking for the colt 6920 is a great option. Colt defense le6920 x magpul tactical life gun magazine. I have an opportunity to purchase a spanky new le6920 magpul edition from a police officer. The colt le6920fbp1 builds on the colt le6920 with key accessories as approved by the fbi. Colt le6920mp with magpul moe accessories the firearm blog. People dont realize the during the early stages of oef and oif, the m4 didnt have a kac dropin rail, or compm2m68 red dot. Likenew, unfired colt le6920 m4 carbine, chambered for the popular 5. Government model 45acp colt m1911 classic automatic pistol. The le6920fbp1 is not a standard m4 catalog model for colt. Youre also paying for that us military grade qc with colt. The combat proven colt le6920 ar15 m4 carbine is a law enforcement weapon system that features many of the advantages of the military m4.

Compare prices for colt le6920 carbine heavy barrel 5. Colt semi automatic rifles for sale vance outdoors. Aug 08, 2015 as of yesterday 872015 most walmarts have put on clearance all ar15s including colts, and it looks like most black rifles including the black 22s too. Chromelined barrel, no furniture ready to customize, colt le6920oem2 this model has no furniture and is ready to customize with your dropin handguard or rail system, buttstock, and rear buttstock, and rear sight optic. This colt ar15 m4 is a hoss its specially designed to be a law enforcement weapon system that features many of the combat proven advantages of the military m4. Colt s le6920mpsfde shares many features of its combatproven brother, the colt m4. I think you are better off building a rifle if that is what you are after, your paying for a colt because its a colt. Colt s le6920 magpul accessories and troy rail system may 21, 20 odu admin rifles and shotguns comments off on colt s le6920 magpul accessories and troy rail system colt defense llc, one of the worlds leading designers, developers, and manufacturers of rifles and carbines, is. This is a rare, like new in box, colt le6920 mp fde m4 carbine in 5. Last year we saw colt regain its status as the king of the ar15m16 type rifle. Its possible to double up, but its very snug, so probably not recommended. Colt teamed up with magpul industries to outfit this carbine with the most highly soughtafter accessories. This rifle is the first product colt defense and magpul have developed together.

Colts le6920 available with magpul accessories and troy. These specs make it ideal for tactical deployment and traditional patrol. Colt 6920 for sale best price in stock colt 6920 deal. The colt trooper patrol carbine is a modernized, proquality modern sporting rifle based on colts legendary m4 platform. Located in west hartford, connecticut, this company has kept to its longstanding tradition of creating the finest duty, conceal carry, competition, and hunting weaponry on the market. Original purchase invoice from july 2017 below are detailed photos of the complete rifle, packaging and accessories. This gun has a flat top receiver and comes anodized flat dark earth from the colt factory. Though those companies will range from a little more expensive to a lot more expensive. My impression is that these use the standard 6920 profile barrels.

The quality is top notch just like it was advertised. In the same price range as the colt you have the plain jane bcm and the sionics rifles. Available at otb, please visit 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The two main pouches on the outside is another issue, it was stated that you fit a pistol in the main pocket and for magazines in the provided. Colt le6920 price check now that theyre discontinued to. Bought as a flat top le6920oem2 model and added all bravo company hardware as you can see. Intrestingly, my bushmaster m4gery does go full auto and that with the ar bolt. The colt trooper patrol carbine is a modernized, proquality modern sporting rifle based on colt s legendary m4 platform. Bought it to carry on duty, but my department supplies us all with m4 s so this just sits in the safe. The 6920 has exactly two differences from an issue m4. Colt manufacturing is known for the production of legendary firearms that were an integral part of american history. Oct 10, 2012 well, first and foremost the le6920 anodized magpul edition model. Browse our complete inventory of firearms and accessories to find the best deal on. Le6920m standard wcarry handle the colt ar15 resource.

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